„When things can no longer be told and extrasensory powers enter the lives of the protagonists, the storyteller is entirely dependent on the visual creative force of his cinematographer. Wolfgang Busch accomplishes this task brilliantly. The film conveys its thrill in high technical perfection. Breaking down scenes dramatically, creating a constant threat with its camera work while integrating digital images flawlessly: ‚Schwarz‘ / ‚Black‘ is a prime example to show that with such craftsmanship genre films would not have to hide on the big screen in Germany.“ (Jury statement on the nomination for FIRST STEPS Special Price for Cinematography 2010)

From 1999 to 2002 Wolfgang Busch did an apprenticeship as a media designer for images and sound with RTL Television, Cologne. He worked in numerous film and television productions as first- and second camera assisstent, image- and sound technician, electrician and gaffer. He began his graduate studies at the well known Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg in Germany in 2003 and graduated successfully with a diploma in cinematography in 2009. His films can be seen at festivals, on television and in the cinema. For the cinematography of the film „Schwarz/Black“ he was nominated for the FIRST STEPS Special Price for Cinematography 2010. He is working as a freelance Cinematographer / Director of Photography for  documentaries, feature films, advertisings and corporate videos in Germany and abroad.

Work experiences abroad: India, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Laos, Spain, Poland, Bosnia, France, USA and Turkey
Experience with: 8mm, 16 mm, 35 mm film and any kind of HD video- formats and cameras.
Special skills: Green/Blue-screen, VFX and set -extension